Comparison of Model Selection Between Basket Mill and Horizontal Bead Mill

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The principle and difference between basket mill and horizontal bead mill are introduced in detail as follows (mainly for small batch and multi-variety grinding conditions) :

1. Basket mill

The basket structure of the basket mill is similar to that of the stirring mill. It stirs zirconia beads (grinding body) grinding materials by rotating the stirring rod at a high speed. During the grinding process, the materials and media to be milled are put into the static grinding cylinder with jacket. Through the high-speed action of the stirring arm and the dispersion blade, enough kinetic energy is given to the grinding medium, and the shear force and impact force are applied to the material with the aid of the high-speed moving medium, so that the material is fully dispersed and refined. The high speed rotation of the dispersing disc at the bottom of the grinding basket produces negative pressure and strong suction force between the bottom of the grinding basket and the dispersing disc, so as to suck out the refined materials: with its strong centrifugal force, the high speed rotating dispersing disc will be sucked out of the material from the grinding basket, accelerating the dispersion of the materials. The circulation process of the material is as follows: high-speed suction of the self-suction impeller → extremely fine grinding in the grinding basket → high-speed rotation of the dispersing disc → discharge and dispersing. In addition, basket grinding machine has high efficiency circulation, so that the material easy to turn, to avoid the circulation of dead Angle. Therefore, the basket grinding machine is able to complete the material premixing, dispersing, grinding at the same time.

2. Horizontal bead mill

Horizontal sand mill is a horizontal wet continuous production of ultra-fine particle dispersing machine. The operation method is to put the materials to be milled together with the grinding medium into a static grinding cylinder with a jacket. Through the high-speed action of the stirring arm and the dispersing blade, enough kinetic energy is given to the grinding medium, and shear force and impact force are applied to the material with the aid of the high-speed moving medium, so as to obtain the dispersing and grinding effect.

3, the characteristics of the horizontal bead mill

(1) Mixing, stirring, dispersing and emulsifying at the same time;

(2). High grinding fineness;

(3). Inconvenient disassembly, cleaning difficulties;

(4) the need for extremely complex pipes and pumps and other backflow equipment.

4. Comparison between horizontal bead mill and basket mill

Baket millHorizontal mill
Process flowchartone machine can achieve ultra fine millingneed first dispersing for premixing
Milling effect

particle size even, high

 fineness (can reach 0.5µm)

particle size not even,

 high fineness

Cost reviewEquipmentOne machine

need flowback device

,need disperser


reach<10µm, only need one to 1.5 hours (milling time depends on material


need many times of circulation milling, take much 


Operate staffone staff can at same time operate several machinesmanually charge material, high labor intensity
Material consumedless residue, and small material consumed

more residue, relative

 more material consumed

Energy consumedlowrelative high

Easy cleaning, easy


 to clean, difficult maintenance, change produdct not easy, normally one 

machine for one product

Application rangeviscosity narrow range viscosity wide range

5. Detailed comparison of cleaning

Horizontal bead mill requires extremely complex pipe and pump and other backflow equipment, relatively speaking, its pipe residual material more. When cleaning, the internal of each valve, pump body can not be disassembled, easy to form a cleaning dead corner, especially the production of oily materials, cleaning is very difficult, such as paint, ink and other products. Therefore, the color change difficulty also becomes the disadvantage of horizontal bead mill. Therefore paint manufacturers are likely to use single horizontal bead mill only to produce a color paint.

Basket mill does not have complicated pipelines, valves, pumps and other devices, only a basket mill, and the bottom of the chamber is a hole screen. At the end of the production, all the materials in the basket cavity will be sucked out under the suction of the dispersing disc. Even if there are materials in the basket, they will flow out through the mesh plate. The biggest characteristic is disassemble convenient, aperture net board is connected in basket body through 6 hexagon inside bolt, unscrew these 6 bolt can disassemble net board, then every parts inside the grinding basket can be seen.


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