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La liste des entreprises « professionnelles, de raffinement, de spécialisation et d'innovation » de Shanghai a été annoncée.

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Recently, the list of

Recently, the list of"Professional, Refinement, Specialization and Innovation" enterprises in Shanghai was announced. Shanghai Rumi Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Rumi Technology) was listed among them.  

Rumi Technology focuses on the field of fine chemical equipment and masters a number of core technologies such as dispersing mixing equipment and high-precision batching equipment, thus winning this award!

新闻4 高新技术企业证书

"Professional, Refinement, Specialization and Innovation"enterprises refer to small and medium size industrial enterprises with the characteristics of"Professional, Refinement, Specialization and Innovation". Most"Professional, Refinement, Specialization and Innovation" companies come from the manufacturing industry.


Recognized as a"Professional, Refinement, Specialization and Innovation" enterprise, which reflects the government's full recognition of Rumi Technology's commitment to becoming a service-oriented manufacturing enterprise in the fine chemical equipment industry. In addition, it further enhances Rumi Technology's competition and influence in the industry. Since its establishment, Rumi Technology has been focusing on independent research development and innovation. The government, industry and customers have frequently recognize RUMI’s technological innovation capabilities and scientific research achievements. RUMI has won many honors such as “National High-tech Enterprise” and “Shanghai Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”.


Rumi Technology focuses on the fine chemical industry and process industry, mainly providing production equipment and overall solutions for fine chemicals and related fields. Our main products include dispersing and mixing equipments, reactors, liquid and powder high-precision batching systems, and EPC general contracting of complete sets of equipment for the fine chemical industry.

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