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2 Litres Laboratory Vacuum Coaxial Disperser with PTFE scraper

Features and Benefits:


1. Concentric shaft design:high speed disperser + low speed frame mixer with PTFE wall scraper;

The anchor pushes the material to the dispersing disc, and the material to be rapidlly dissolved and mixed. The PTFE wall scraper sweep the material from the interior of the tank without leaving residual.

2.Speed adjustable via Touch Screen;

The speed is adjustable.(by Frequency Inverter)

The mixing and dispersing speed can be easily adjusted and monitored via touch screen on the control panel. The run time of mixing and dispersing can be set as the process needs in the touch screen.

3. Electric Lifting; The tank can be easily raised and lowered via touch screen.

4. Jacketed tank;

Some dispersing and mixing processes require cooling or heating. In the jacket, it can pass cooling or heating fluids to reach the required temperature.

5. Contact material SUS304 and 316L are optional;

6. Airtight, can be pumped vacuum or protected by inert gas;

Vacuum mixing helps elimanate air bubbles in the process and reach stable and smooth products.

7. Single Phase and three phase are optional;

8. Can be customized as customer's needs.



Disperser      Power(W)

Disperser      Speed


Mixer     power


Mixer Speed (RPM)










2 Litres




The motor power and speed will be customzied as the material property and customer’s needs. Above information is just for your reference.

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