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5 Litres Vacuum Dual Planetary Mixer with Press


Planetary Mixer is suitable for high viscous material. The paddles consist of double planetary paddles, high speed disperser and wall scraper.When the planetary mixing paddles and high speed disperser rotate as their own shafts, they also revolve around the centre of the tank constinuously. The planetary paddles mix the material fully and push the mixture to the edge of the orbiting high-speed dispersing disc. The PTFE wall scraper sweep the material from the interior tank without leaving residual.Thus, it can realize the full mixing and dispersion in short time.


1. Paddle Combination:double-layer disperser + double planetary paddle + PTFE wall scraper;

2. With extruder/presser for discharging

3. Usable volume: 5 Litres; Full volume:8 Litres

4. Tank or mixing head is raised and lower to the mixing position by an oil hydraulic lift.

5.Safety limit switches prevent operation of the mixer when the vessel or agitators are not in the mixing position

6. PLC touch screen.

7.Speed adjustable (Frequency Converter Control);

8. Jacketed tank, Can be heated or cooled (using heater or chiller);

9. Contact material SUS304 and 316L are optional.

10. Airtight, can be pumped vacuum or protected by inert gas;

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