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Dual shaft mixer

Dual Shaft Mixer: All in One Mixing Machine

Do you want a premium quality but competitive price mixing machine that is safe, easy use,reliable and can Mix various demanding applications. The answer is the double shaft mixer. This ultra powerhouse is equipped with 2 opposing swing plows which are the heart of countless great mixes. Explaining the many advantages of a double shaft mixer, with its high tech features and safety measures while also detailing operational procedures, support system for various designs and quality standards; wide applications.

    Dual Shaft Mixer Advantages

    The twin shaft mixer comes with several benefits such as;

    High mixing quality: Batching plants are equipped with double shaft mixers which due to their innovative turn system utilizing 2 or more counter-rotating shafts, achieve excellent homogenization by breaking up the agglomerates and uniform incorporation of all raw materials into a finished product.

    Top-of-described dual shaft mixer, the essential parts that make this system for mixing of liquids, powders and granules as well viscous materials such a invaluable asset to not just chemical but also food & pharma industries.

    Quick Blending: Dual shaft mixers can rapidly blend large quantities of materials at high speeds due to their powerful mechanisms.

    Reliable Reproducibility: Delivering uniform mixing, dual shaft mixers allow every batch to be of top quality.

    Easy Maintenance: Because of its uncomplicated design, dual shaft mixers make for simple cleaning - less downtime, more productivity.

    Why choose Rumi Dual shaft mixer?

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