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Hydraulic Discharging Machine Planetary Mixer Presser Extruder for High Viscosity Product


The discharging machine is also called press, presser or extruder. It’s designed to discharge the high viscosity product from the tank after mixing. So this machine is also used with the hydraulic lift double shaft mixer, planetary mixer and triple shaft mixer. The material is usually extruded by the press plate from the bottom of the tank by hydraulic.



1. The pressure and the press plate height is adjustable.

2. When discharging materials, the sealing ring of the pressure plate is close to the inner wall of the tank, minimizing material residues.

3. The discharge port can be connected to a metering device for mensurable filling or distribution.

4. Full stainless steel type is optional.

5. Explosion proof type can be customized.

6. Contact material SUS304 and 316L are optional.



It’s suitable for discharging high viscosity material such as inks, sealants, hot melt adhesives, magnetic media slurry, creams, lotions, toothpastes, etc.


Competitive Advantage:

1. High Efficiency

As the high viscosity material has poor fluidity, it’s hard to discharge them by gravity. Using the extruder, the material can be discharged more easily.


2. Can be Customized

Can be customized to use in special conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, flammable, explosive, corrosive and etc.

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