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Jacket Stainless Steel Resin Reactors

Resin reactor, used for polymerization reaction of resin or latex, modification and other production processes. With heat transfer, agitation, condensation and other functions

1. Vessel Part

Heat Transfer TypeFull JacketDimple JacketOuter Semicircle Coil PipeInner Circle Coil Pipe and Combined type

Contact Material:SUS304、SUS316L、Q235、SS2205 and Coated with PTFE

Structure:Top and bottom elliptical head, Top flat cover and bottom elliptical head, Top flat cover and flat bottom

2. Mixing Part

Mixing TypeOblique bladeAnchor Type, Helical Ribbon Type and Combined type.

3. Condenser

Structure FormHorizontal tube typevertical condenser

4. Heating and Cooling Method

TypeElectrical Heating Rod in the jacket, Mould temperature controller or chillerDirect Heating in the tank.

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