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Low Cost Digital Display Laboratory High Speed Disperser Stirrer Dissolver Mixer With Interchangeable Agitators


Lab Mixer RMJB-300

The digital display laboratory mixer is driven by a compact series-type micro-motor, which is suitable for mixing and stirring of low to medium and high viscosity liquids in the laboratory. The machine consists of a drive motor, a speed control controller and a torque increasing mechanism. The output end uses a variable speed booster mechanism to double the output torque; the stirring speed is controlled by a microprocessor, which can effectively compensate for the speed change caused by load changes and power supply voltage fluctuations, and the constant speed is reliable;
It's suitable for dispersing, mixing, stirring and homogenizing materials in industries such as biology, medicine, food, paint, ink, textile auxiliaries, cosmetics, lubricants, pesticides, etc.

Model Parameter

ACV 220±10%
50/60 HZ
Input Power
510 W
Output Power
300 W
Rated torque
Speed Range
Speed Control
Digtal Stepless Speed
Max Viscosity
Process Capacity (use water as the medium)
50-85000 ml


1.Modular structure design, unique internal quality 

2. The mixing host adopts engineering plastics and die-casting aluminum alloy as the body, and the running state is stable 

3.CPU digital display stepless speed regulation, with soft start, automatic overload protection

4.Compact design, silent operation, reasonable structure

1.Mixing Heads material:
Stainless Steel 304

2. The stirring rod is easy to clean, assemble and disassemble.
Different stirring forms can be selected according to the needs of the process.

Aluminum Metal Case

Ensure mechanical accuracy, 
the stable operating and low noise

Complete Line Project
Our Customers
Q1: Who are we?
A1: RUMI technology is with R&D, manufacturer, global sales & marketing:
Shanghai Baoshan R&D and Marketing Center
Shanghai Jiading Intelligent Manufacturing Center
Jiangsu Rumi Manufacturing Base
Rumi (Shanghai) Import and Export Co., Ltd.

Q2: What kinds of products do you supply to your customers?
A2: We offer a wide range of mixing equipments for all types of paints, coatings, dyes, inks, adhesives, electronic materials,food industry,pesticide and daily chemical industry. Our main products include dispersers, emulsifiers, mixers, mills, reaction kettle, filling machine, etc.We offer individual machinery and integral solutions for the development of projects

Q3: How to choose the model?
A3: Please tell us the material name, capacity and other technical requirements. We’ll design and customize the machine according to your needs.

Q4: What about Installation and debugging?
A 4: For single machines, we usually provide guidance for installation by telephone,mail or other online communication. For production line, overseas engineering service for installation, training and debugging will be charged.

Q5: How about after-sale service?
A5: Within 12-months warranty period, we promise to change damaged parts free of charge. After the warranty period, we provide life-long maintenance, only charge the cost;
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