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Water-based Industrial Paint Complete Production line


Scope of service: Complete equipments for water-based industrial paint with an annual output of 1,000-100,000 tons.

The automation can be customized according to customer's production capacity and process (full automation can be achieved). We can provide the design, equipment manufacturing, installation and debugging of the entire production line.

Components of the entire production line, taking an annual output of 10,000 tons as an example:

1.Raw material storage and feeding system

   1.1 Powders feeding + powders dosing system

   1.2 Water and emulsion feeding system

   1.3 Additives feeding system

2.Production Equipments

   Dispersing Vessel, Mixing Vessel, Horizontal Sand Mill

3.Filtering and filling system

4.Other parts

   4.1 Instruments and Control

   4.2 Electric and PLC system

   4.3 Steel structure platfrom

   4.4 Pipes & Valves

   4.5 Vacuum and Air compressor system

   4.6 Dust remover system

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