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Laboratory horizontal bead mill

The Amazing Laboratory Horizontal Bead Mill: Making Your Research Easier. 

Are you tired of using traditional grinding machines for your research work in laboratories? Do you find it difficult to achieve the desired particle size and distribution for your materials? Here comes an innovative solution to your problem: The laboratory horizontal bead mill, similar to the Rumi's product like tank with mixer. Read on for more info.

Advantages of Bead Mill

The horizontal bead mill has several advantages over traditional machines, along with the in line homogenizer by Rumi. Firstly, the machine can achieve high grinding efficiency without damaging the material's structure. Secondly, it is suitable for grinding different materials, including pigments, minerals, and coatings. Thirdly, the machine operates at a lower noise level, making it more comfortable to use. Fourthly, the machine is more energy-efficient compared to traditional machines.

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